Ms. Title has been involved in all aspects of copyright law for several decades. Ms. Title has mediated and litigated numerous copyright matters involving computer software, films, television programming, music rights, fashion, logos, lighting designs, photography and other artwork. She has also handled precedent-setting copyright cases regarding copyright preemption, the impact of the Labor-Management Relations Act on author’s rights under the Copyright Act; and the scope of restoration of copyrights in foreign works under GATT and the Uruguay Accords. She extensive experience with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Visual Artists Rights Act, in addition to issues of fair use, implied license, copyright termination and joint authorship, among others.

  • Copyright infringement re distribution of still photographs from motion picture
  • Copyright infringement arising from use of music at clubs and restaurants
  • Copyright infringement arising from use of feature script in short film
  • Copyright infringement among numerous contributing writers and producers involving issues of joint authorship
  • Copyright infringement re spreadsheet used in radio broadcasting
  • Copyright infringement re 9-sound recordings
  • Copyright infringement dispute among heirs re rights to musical works of famous composer/lyricist
  • Copyright infringement and breach of contract re distribution of documentary film re Star Wars release
  • Copyright infringement re guitar training DVDs, performance and termination arising out of license agreements



    Ms. Title has been involved all aspects of trademark law for several decades. She has mediated dozens of trademark claims brought in both federal and state courts under the Lanham Act, California B&P Codes and common law. These matters have concerned trade dress, trademarks, service marks and trade names and included issues of misappropriation, fair use, likelihood of confusion, senior and junior uses, registrations, cancellations and dilution, among others. The matters have arisen is a broad range of contexts, from entertainment products to non-profit organizations. Ms. Title also follows reported trademark decisions on a daily basis.

  • Trademark infringement and copyright infringement regarding clothing design
  • Trademark infringement regarding sunglasses design
  • Trademark infringement re television design
  • Trademark infringement re watch design
  • Trademark infringement re jeans label
  • CC Section 3344 and common law claims based on unauthorized use of name, photo and endorsement of bodybuilder
  • Trademark infringement re logo and breach of website services contract



  • Breach of contract re dispute of ownership interests is grocery store chain
  • Breach of contract, copyright and fraud regarding music rights
  • Breach of contract regarding real estate commissions
  • Breach of contract and fraud involving record labels
  • Breach of contract against hotel
  • Contract and fraud re refinancing representations in connection with 2008 housing crisis
  • Declaratory relief action re denial of insurance coverage
  • Breach of contract and fraud involving shipments of containers from Mexico and Asia
  • Breach of contract and fraud re purchase of delivery of warehouse orders of jeans
  • Breach of contract re vintage car
  • Breach of contract, breach of implied covenant, fraud, libel, slander, intentional interference, unfair competition,17200, and trade secrets violations involving the apparel industry
  • Breach of contract and breach of oral contracts re tickets refund and commissions
  • Breach of contract claim of against screenwriter based on alleged management contract
  • Breach of lease agreement/guarantee obligation
  • Dispute between sub and contractor re services in connection with school construction
  • Breach of contract re non-compete and interference claims against former employee in connection with lighting design and import business



    Ms. Title has experience with both single plaintiff and class and collective actions under federal and state statutes and regulations, including under FLSA, California Labor Code and PAGA, asserting wage and hour violations (e.g., re overtime, meal periods, donning and doffing, independent contractor v. employee status) and health and safety violations; under Title VII and the FEHA regarding discrimination/harassment/hostile work environment (e.g., re gender, age, disparate treatment, retaliation, pretense); and application /interpretation of collective bargaining agreements.


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